Located near one of the world’s most famous bridges, Ponte Vecchio, “Caffé delle Carrozze”s name derives from the historic
“Arco delle Carrozze” (Arch of the Coaches).




After years of experience “Caffé delle Carrozze” continues to dedicate itself to the art of authentic Florentine gelato maintaining tradition and quality.
In addition to the rich fruit sorbets and creamy gelato, we offer semifreddo/mousse flavours which are unique in texture and taste.

In the 1990’s, “Caffé delle Carrozze”, added drinks and savoury snacks to its menu.
After a visit to the Uffizi, one may relax in the dining room or the outdoor terrace enjoying romantic views of the Ponte Vecchio and the Vasarian Corridor while deciding on a variety of choices from our menu: from espresso, cappuccino and tea to a light lunch of gourmet panini, fragrant pizza or mixed salads, to an aperitif or simply a good Tuscan wine.